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About Me

Ferenc Török pyrotechnician My name is Ferenc Török, I am the general manager of the Pirofilm Ltd. I work for Mafilm since 1973, from the beginning as a producer of visualization techniques and effects. Only in 1988 I got to the pyrotechnic group, and in 2000, I became a leading pyrotechnician. At the MAFILM the three of us are the leading pyrotechnicians, but there is the excellent help of highly qualified background workers (the pyrotechnicians of previous "national" MAFILM). In the 90% of shootings in Hungary, the three of us perform the tasks, and the coordination of pyrotechnics. We have a very large toolbox, which will be updated continuously as required. I also design and make firework synchronized to any kind of music.

Mafilm Pyrotechnics

In the film and entertainment industry, and in the theatrical productions it is very common to use special effects (SFX) to improve the experience. In Hungary, the very large part of these tasks are solved by the team of MAFILM Piro. Such tasks are the pyrotechnic effects (eg explosions, flames, sparks), and the creation of other effects (wind, snow, rain, fog, etc).

Below you can watch the MAFILM Piro promotion video:

About this site

In the Gallery you can see some selected images about our works, which are show the best what we are dealing. On the page Equipments we present our devices and equipments, which are used for everyday tasks. On the page References we show some videos in several categories about our works up to now. On the page Contact Us you can find our contact information or you can send e-mail.


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